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Safari in Arusha National Park

Discover the unique beauty of the near Arusha National Park. Only 10 minutes away from “Green Hills of Africa”, he offers cinematic coulisses on the bottom of Mount Meru. In the South-East you can see grazing herds of buffaloes in the swamp of the Ngurdoto crater, in the North the seven shimmering Momella salt lakes. In the West rises the imposing Mt. Meru- more than 4.500 m high. His slopes are covered with tropical rain forests, full of ferns, orchids and many other flowers. While exploring the park, you might sight Zebras, Elephants, Giraffes, Dik-diks, Hippos, Wart hogs, Bush bucks, and a variety of primates. Vervet monkey, Baboon and the lovely Black-and White-Colobus monkeys are easily seen. Arusha National Park is home of more than 400 species of birds and therefore an El Dorado for ornithologists.

The elegancy of Momella, today a part of Arusha National Park, had always its magnetic attraction. 100 years ago, Margarete Trappe and her husband were leaving their home in Silesia (that time still part of German Realm) and came to build their farm exactly here. It was the exiting time of the explorers and settlers and Tanzania was called “German-East-Afrika” or Tanganyika. 1957 Margarete died and Hollywood discovered the place. “Hatari!”, the famous movie with John Wayne and Hardy Krüger was pictured here.

– Discover Arusha National Park by an unforgettable game drive
– Meet the Maasai and learn more about the culture and rituals of the spectacular tribe
– Canoeing on Momella Lakes
– Hike Mount Meru or go for a walk to one of the waterfalls
– Visit the famous graves of the Trappe family

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