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Kilimanjaro Golf Club

No doubt – Kilimanjaro Golf Club, called Kiligolf, is the best golf course in Tanzania.
Kiligolf is situated between Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro and is only 12 km away from “Green Hills of Africa”. You can golf in first-class golf club with a first-class view in wilderness, surrounded by Zebras, Antelopes, Wildebeests and other free living African animals (no predators). The 18 holes are imbedded in excellent, well maintained grass areas, along with Acacia bush land and small sparkling rivers.
By the way, Kiligolf was the first 18-hole-golf course in Tanzania, designed by the former Irish National Coach David Jones.

Only 18 km away from “Green Hills of Africa” you find another golf course – Arusha Gymkhana Golf Club. With a good view to Mt. Meru, this golf course is situated in the middle of Arusha Town and offers 9 holes. It is considered as one of the best golf clubs of Tanzania as well.